A forty-hour externship is required for satisfactory completion of both the Dental Assisting Training and the Intro to Orthodontics Programs.


Externships will be assigned on the final week of the training course. If a student has a preference on which office they would like to extern for they must submit that request to the academic director prior to the final week of the course and an Extern Affiliation Agreement must be signed.

Externship Affiliation Agreement

An Externship Affiliation Agreement must be signed by participating facilities prior to a student starting their Externship. The Affiliation Agreement can be found by clicking here.

Instructor/Extern Responsibilities

Instructors/Facilities will be responsible for providing a real world dental experience to our externs. They are responsible for observing and giving feedback to our externs on ways to improve and become more efficient. Instructors will also be responsible for signing off on externship hours and the Applied Knowledge Form.

Externs are responsible for obeying all office rules and regulations, along with all OSHA/Infection Control Guidelines. Externs will be responsible for asking and following up with the instructors to complete and sign off on their externship hours worked and also the Applied Knowledge Form.


Externships will be graded on a pass/fail basis. If the full forty hours of the externship are completed and the Applied Knowledge Form is filled out and returned to BDG Academy (email/fax/in-person) the student will receive a passing grade. If the student does not complete all portions of the externship the student will not receive a certificate of completion for the course.