Las Vegas Dental Training Courses

BDG Academy was created to provide affordable, fast-paced, hands-on training that allows students to enter rewarding entry-level careers in dental without having to commit to years of costly training at other dental assisting schools. We offer a comprehensive Dental Assisting Training Program, an Intro to Orthodontics Course for current dental assistants and BDG Academy graduates, and a Front Desk Administration Course for those more interested in office work or administrative positions. All of our courses emphasize hands-on training to fully prepare students for working in a dental office right out of graduation.

Dental Training Course Options

BDG Academy offers three dental training courses, geared towards full student preparation for immediate placement into entry-level dental careers. Held on Saturdays only, our fast-paced courses are set apart by real life 360 support from our dental training staff and the dentists, assistants and other professionals at our 14+ Las Vegas dentist offices. Each course is bolstered by a 40-Hour externship opportunity, for real-life experience in a highly supportive, operating dental environment.

Take a look at each of the courses below to see which one fits best for your dental career goals:

Dental Assisting Course

Our dental assisting training course fully prepares students for entry-level jobs as dental assistants over only eleven Saturdays. Graduates may find suitable employment with general dental practices as well dental specialists including Endodontists, Periodontists, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists, Pediatric Dentists and Oral Surgeons. This course is perfect for those looking for an in-demand full-time position in a great work environment, and is open to anyone who has obtained a high school diploma or equivalent proof of secondary education. Learn more about our Dental Assisting Program ›

Intro to Orthodontics

Available to graduates of our Dental Assisting Course and current dental assistants with at least two years of experience, our Intro to Orthodontics course covers training in the specialty field of Orthodontics. This second-level course prepares students to work as Orthodontic Assistants in only 24 clock hours, spread across three Saturdays. Learn more about our Intro to Orthodontics Module ›

Front Office Dental Administration

One of the only front office dental administration courses in Nevada, this fast-paced course prepares students for entry-level positions on the administrative side of dental. Covering patient communication, intake, appointment scheduling and more, this six-week course is perfect for those aiming to start their careers in dental administration quickly.

Academic Calendar 2021 – NAC 394.381(6)(c)

Dental Assisting
Start Date Schedule End Date
1/27/2024 4/6/2024
4/13/2024 6/29/2024
7/13/2024 9/28/2024
10/5/2024 12/21/2024
Dental Administration
Start Date Schedule End Date
3/2/2024 4/6/2024
6/1/2024 7/13/2024
8/17/2024 9/28/2024
11/9/2024 11/21/2024
Intro to Orthodontics
Start Date Schedule End Date
2/10/2024 2/24/2024
5/4/2024 5/18/2024
8/3/2024 8/17/2024
10/12/2024 10/19/2024

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